Soaring High

Hillside School



Staff Profile

Our Vision, Mission & Principles 


To make learning fun and offer a caring child centered learning environment that promotes respect, excellence and love for learning while supporting pupils to achieve their full potential. 




We aim to foster the academic and personal growth of each child in a serene, safe and respectful environment and promote a collaborative relationship between pupils, teachers and parents while striving to cultivate responsible citizenship.   



Guiding Principles

1.   We make learning fun.

2.   We favor well rounded and balanced pupils.

3.   We are continuously engaged in the developmental learning process.

4.   We believe in challenging our pupils to achieve the best of their abilities.

5.   We value effective and ongoing interaction with parents.

6.   Challenge the children intellectually by providing a wide range of educational experiences;

7.   Provide opportunities to extend the academic, creative, social, emotional and physical development

     of the children;

8.   Encourage the development of individuals, who are confident, have a high level of self-esteem and

     are able to take responsibility for themselves and their actions;

9.   Be committed to developing children who exhibit qualities of leadership, resourcefulness and


10. Develop an understanding of, and a sense of, responsibility towards the environment; and

11. Concentrate on developing a broad set of values with a focus on equality for all as a fundamental

     responsibility for both teachers and parents.

12. Provide a range of educational opportunities which enable each student to experience success;

13. Foster and develop personal qualities of respect for individuals in the school and the wider

     community through promoting cooperation, tolerance and consideration for other 

Joe Kabugi– Chief Executive



Joe holds a BA in public Administration from Moi University and an MBA from Kenyatta University.



He started formal employment as a teacher at Ngararia girls High school rising to head the English/literature department and then joined Delmonte K Ltd.  where he was in charge of company sponsored schools including Imani School.


An accomplished Human Resources specialist, he later joined British American Tobacco initially as an Employee Relations Manager and later Human resources Manager for Horn of Africa comprising of seven countries.

Joe left BAT to form COL (K) Ltd. Where he is the chairman and Chief Executive