Soaring High

Hillside School



Teaching Staff

We have a team of very qualified and experienced staff.


A list of their qualification is available, from the director’s office.


All staff in this school are dedicated to working to help children develop in all aspects of their life.


We want to see each child succeed in their learning, responsibilities and relationships.

Attendance & Absentism 

Attendance and Absentism 


It is essential that children attend school during term time. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly. In cases of unsatisfactory attendance, the Head Teacher will invite the parents to school to discuss the problem.


Please send a note or telephone school if your child is going to be off for any reason. Dates and times of medical and dental appointments should be reported in advance.


If a child is absence due to long term illness, home tuition may be arranged so please see the head teacher.