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Emergent issues in the modern education system 

Traditional education had but one goal – prepare efficient and obedient workers for mass production. Modern education MUST empower the adult of tomorrow to TAKE CHARGE of his/her life. At HILLSIDE, the management has attained this through the coordinated resourcefulness of the teachers, parents and students.


We have effectively transitioned your child’s education from the traditional to the modern by critically re-engineering on the following FOUR core pillars; 


Student Attitude;

At HILLSIDE, the student is not a passive receptacle for knowledge. We recognize that the modern child actively chooses whether to be positive towards the learning opportunity or negative towards some subjects, topics, teachers or just being in school. In other institutions where this is ignored the majority of students just ‘survive’ from class-to-class, term-to-term. 


Student Talent Type;

Our psychologist consultants tell us that individuals have in-born dispositions that empower the student to effectively learn in one learning-style and not the other. We recognize that our students are either high frequency thinkers (‘creatives’) who multi-task and tend to excel in creativity which is a good thing but also miss out on details in their fast pace. Others are low frequency thinkers (‘imaginatives’) who have immense power of concentration and inter-connect topics easily. We respond to each appropriately to attain higher than average mean scores. 


Educators's Brand;

Our teachers are a key pillar. At HILLSIDE we pay special attention on how the students relate to the teachers. Studies show that students’ performance as linked to how much students ‘look up to’ the mentor teacher. We empower our teacher’s with psychological skills to relate to students at the mentorship level, not mere instructors. The average teacher thinks mere instruction is less involving takes but it ends up taking more of the teacher’s time/energy with little impact.  At HILLSIDE teaching and mentoring go hand in hand. 


Parenting Style;

Traditionally, parenting was communally determined, monitored and even enforced. Today, each parent does what she thinks is best! As the substitute parent in school, we equip our teachers with a quick and effective way to assess the parenting style and its impact on the student’s learning. We squarely focus on the ONE proven parenting difference– do you see your child as a ‘budding adult’ or a ‘naive child’? As a parent you may allow your child a wide leeway to engage openly with adults as ‘mini-adults’, or you may prefer a top-down communication with passively obedient children who are easier to control. Either perspective is ok; at HILLSIDE we quickly detect it, understand it and complement it during teacher-student interaction. 


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Meet Our Team


Joe Kabugi– Chief Executive



Joe holds a BA in public Administration from Moi University and an MBA from Kenyatta University.



He started formal employment as a teacher at Ngararia girls High school rising to head the English/literature department and then joined Delmonte K Ltd.  where he was in charge of company sponsored schools including Imani School.


An accomplished Human Resources specialist, he later joined British American Tobacco initially as an Employee Relations Manager and later Human resources Manager for Horn of Africa comprising of seven countries.

Joe left BAT to form COL (K) Ltd. Where he is the chairman and Chief Executive