Soaring High

Hillside School



Teaching Staff

We have a team of very qualified and experienced staff.


A list of their qualification is available, from the director’s office.


All staff in this school are dedicated to working to help children develop in all aspects of their life.


We want to see each child succeed in their learning, responsibilities and relationships.

Parents Involvement 

All parents are welcomed to visit the school any time

to discuss their children’s work or any problems that arise during school year. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment. A formal open weekend will be held every term to enable parents to see their children work and discuss it with the class teacher.



Attempts to engage parents in their childcare's learning meet with encouraging levels of success.


By simply demonstrating an interest in school work, parents give added importance and worth to such and so motivate their children.


Homework is the obvious and important area in which they have an important role to play.


A letter or appointment card must be sent by parents if a child has an appointment


Remind children to return their books on library day.


Parents should help to educate their child's eating habits, be providing a healthy snack for break and a healthy supper.


The home should provide an environment conducive to the child's learning by parents creating a quiet time to allow for homework.


Children should always be sent to school on time


The School Discipline Policy & Prospectus booklet is an important guide to parents as to how they can help their children.