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'ICT is an integral part of modern life. It gives us almost instant access to facts, materials and services that could not have been conceived a few years ago. It is vital that if Kenya is to succeed as a nation our younger generation uses this ‘4th utility’ to enhance their life chances by understanding the breadth of knowledge and opportunity that ICT brings. It gives the ability to collaborate at all levels, both locally and globally.


ICT in Education is important! It is one of the key skills needed to access and enrich learning of all kinds. It's all about communication, and in the world in which our children are growing up, it is vital: whatever they do, they will have to be ICT-literate. ICT connects all areas of the curriculum. The internet can be a powerful resource.
















At Hillside School, we have embraced this noble course by having a well equipped Teaching and Learning Resource Centre. Our smart class has enough computers to enhance individual access and learning. The computers are all connected to the internet and installed with varied programs globally accepted and recommended by The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).  


The integration of ICT with teaching and learning has led to easy mastery of content, promoted critical thinking, generalist (broad) competencies, decision-making and handling of dynamic situations, working as a member of a team, and communicating effectively. Our computer classes start all the way from reception class to class eight.


The school is currently constructing a state of the art facility that will have smart classes fixed with interactive boards and projectors.




Meet Our Team


Joe Kabugi– Chief Executive



Joe holds a BA in public Administration from Moi University and an MBA from Kenyatta University.



He started formal employment as a teacher at Ngararia girls High school rising to head the English/literature department and then joined Delmonte K Ltd.  where he was in charge of company sponsored schools including Imani School.


An accomplished Human Resources specialist, he later joined British American Tobacco initially as an Employee Relations Manager and later Human resources Manager for Horn of Africa comprising of seven countries.

Joe left BAT to form COL (K) Ltd. Where he is the chairman and Chief Executive