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The school has a chaplain who is also a counselor. Learners facing challenges are identified and taken through a series of counseling session to help them. Being boarding school this has proven to be great help as far as the boarders and the day scholars are concerned. Learners who have gone through counseling due to one or two reasons have ended up doing well in class once the problem is solved. This go hand in hand with morning devotion held every morning and the Pastoral Programme every Friday to ensure the spiritual growth is enriched. 



Meet Our Team


Joe Kabugi– Chief Executive



Joe holds a BA in public Administration from Moi University and an MBA from Kenyatta University.



He started formal employment as a teacher at Ngararia girls High school rising to head the English/literature department and then joined Delmonte K Ltd.  where he was in charge of company sponsored schools including Imani School.


An accomplished Human Resources specialist, he later joined British American Tobacco initially as an Employee Relations Manager and later Human resources Manager for Horn of Africa comprising of seven countries.

Joe left BAT to form COL (K) Ltd. Where he is the chairman and Chief Executive