Soaring High

Hillside School



Teaching Staff

We have a team of very qualified and experienced staff.


A list of their qualification is available, from the director’s office.


All staff in this school are dedicated to working to help children develop in all aspects of their life.


We want to see each child succeed in their learning, responsibilities and relationships.



Hillside School Utawala moulds the character of the pupils by promoting desirable acts and behaviour through inculcation of desired values. Every Hillside pupil's expected to uphold school values, and the school recognizes the efforts put in by them. Merit marks are awarded to students who exemplify the school values through acts of kindness or courage and through services rendered to their peers or the school. All pupils are encouraged to inform the class teacher of acts of kindness/courage or services which upholds the school values displayed by their schoolmates.

The basic conduct marks for each pupil at the start of each term is 50. Conduct grades will be recorded in the end of term report form and the average for the duration the child is at Hillside will be indicated in the final leaving certificate to ensure that the testimonial is a true reflection of the child's character. Each pupil is therefore expected to take the merit/demerit system very seriously as it will play a very significant role in the leaving certificate testimonial. Parents are expected to sensitize their children on the said impact.



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