Soaring High

Hillside School



Teaching Staff

We have a team of very qualified and experienced staff.


A list of their qualification is available, from the director’s office.


All staff in this school are dedicated to working to help children develop in all aspects of their life.


We want to see each child succeed in their learning, responsibilities and relationships.

End of Term News

Wednesday 1st April 2015


Dear Parents/Guardians

Join us as we thank God for seeing us through this first term of 2015. Our gratitude as Hillside school-Utawala fraternity goes to all parents, teachers and learners for making this term a success. We look forward to the same next term.



Parents, teachers and pupils have worked harmoniously in the course of term. This has given us the conducive environment to better our best. This has been exemplified by the continued improvement of the individual learners. However, we still believe there is room for improvement. Kindly take time to review your child’s performance and advice him/her as necessary.  


Academic Trips

It is human nature to want to know more. Hillside school pupils are no exemption. Education trips in our school have not only given the knowledge they require but also the fun that goes with it. Call it the icing!      



April Holiday

Learners will break for April holiday on Wednesday 1st April 2015. Boarders will be picked on Thursday 2nd April 2015 and are expected back on Monday 4th May 2015 before 4:00PM. Kindly take note that no child will be accepted back after 4.00PM. Day scholars are expected back on Tuesday 5th May 2015 before 8:00am.



Co-curricular Activities

Our learners are doing well in co-curricular activities. Key highlights include:-


a. Swimming – Our children have continued to get excellent training from our swimming instructor and we will be holding our first swimming Gala on Thursday 28th May.


b. Sports- Our school boys and girls participated in soccer, netball, volleyball and handball and reached zonal level.

c. Drama- Kudos to our drama club members as they emerged 4th position in the highly contested regional drama festivals. We are looking forward to better our performance next time.

d. French Club – Parents who wish to enroll their children for the French club are requested to register with the school before the opening day. 



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