Soaring High

Hillside School



Teaching Staff

We have a team of very qualified and experienced staff.


A list of their qualification is available, from the director’s office.


All staff in this school are dedicated to working to help children develop in all aspects of their life.


We want to see each child succeed in their learning, responsibilities and relationships.

Parenting Style

Traditionally, parenting was communally determined, monitored and even enforced. Today, each parent does what she thinks is best! As the substitute parent in school, we equip our teachers with a quick and effective way to assess the parenting style and its impact on the student’s learning.


We squarely focus on the ONE proven parenting difference– do you see your child as a ‘budding adult’ or a ‘naive child’? As a parent you may allow your child a wide leeway to engage openly with adults as ‘mini-adults’, or you may prefer a top-down communication with passively obedient children who are easier to control. Either perspective is ok; at HILLSIDE we quickly detect it, understand it and complemented it during teacher-student interaction.